Sharon & Greg Prosch

Greg & Sharon Prosch


Greg Prosch - Coach

I am an authentic, loyal, compassionate, and adventurous follower of Jesus who radically pursues transformation into Christlikeness for myself and others.  That might sound a bit strange as an introduction but that is an identity statement that describes who I am and what I do.  As a curriculum developer and coach for Renovation Ministries, my desire is to see others discover and live from that kind of identity.  I want to inspire and encourage others to firmly plant their feet on a journey toward complete heart transformation so that they can experience the abundant life that Jesus offers to all who put their trust in him.  I also welcome those who are not yet willing to trust in him and will respectfully help them navigate the challenges in their life with the hope that they will experience his love for them through me.

Relevant experience includes: 

• Director, curriculum developer, and Coach for all Renovation Trainings.

• Graduated from VLI (Vineyard Leadership Institute) in 2005.

• Co-Facilitator of VLI from 2005-2008.

• Former Marriage Ministry Pastor at Vineyard Boise.


Sharon Prosch - Coach

I was seventeen years old when I made a life long commitment to invest into the lives of teens. I have followed through on that commitment and have never looked back. I love living in alignment with who I was created to be and I want to see young people experience the same assurance that I have.  If you asked me who I am today I would easily be able to answer: “I am an adored, surrendered, confident and joy-filled daughter God, called to invest and help others find their true identity, value and significance.” 

I direct and serve regularly as a Coach at our Renovation Trainings as well as having worked with youth for over 30 years. I look forward to many more years to come. 

Relevant experience includes: 

• Director, curriculum developer, and Coach for all Renovation Trainings.

• Currently the Youth Pastor at The Vineyard Boise

• Lead Facilitator for several Launch Pad classes.

• Graduated from VLI (Vineyard Leadership Institute) in 2004.

• Former Tutor under the Title 1 program for the Boise School District.

• Former Religious Services Coordinator at the Nampa Juvenile Correction Center.