Teen Renovation is unlike any program for teens I have ever seen! Participants are immersed in an experiential learning community in which they are equipped to discover and embrace their unique value and purpose. In a world where teens and adults alike struggle to feel purpose and belonging, the sense of meaning and friendships forged in TR can be truly life-changing. If only this was available when I was a youth pastor…
I am the youth pastor at Christian Life Fellowship in Ontario, Oregon and I have been involved in youth ministry for nearly 15 years. Teen Renovation is one of the highest quality and effective programs I have been a part of in my ministry tenure! Ministries are only as healthy as those who lead and serve in them. The excellence and fruit of Renovation Ministries is a reflection of Sharon and Greg’s incredible character, passion, wisdom, administration, dedication, and hard work. It is evident that Sharon and Greg have invested hundreds of hours of preparation and refinement into this program. Every detail of the Teen Renovation training is highly organized and well thought out, a spirit of excellence exudes from every exercise, training, and transition. About a dozen youth from our church have gone through the Teen Renovation training thus far; and it truly has been life changing for each of them. These students are still walking out the skills and the “Blue-Print” they received as a result of their participation. They have become the greatest advocates of the ministry and when asked if they would recommend it their friends, they respond with a resounding, “Yes, it is one of the best things I have ever done!” I have had parents tell me what an incredible and lasting change they have seen in their children as a result of Renovation Ministries. I highly recommend and endorse Teen Renovation!
Teen Renovation is a process that is an experience, something that is not described easily with words alone. An analogous example would be seeing a good movie, you don’t share the ending. You recommend that the person go see the movie first, and then you both can talk about it! The process of Teen Renovation is linked to bring each participant into their identity. Getting the teen into a place where they start to learn who they are. Teens learn tools to communicate, process, and how to gain perspective in all situations by processing what is working and not working in their life. These tools come through many different exercises and experiences. It is very enriching and personally powerful.

Greg and Sharon have dedicated themselves to this process and to each of the teens. Their hearts are amazing, for they are 100% invested in each teen. Their leadership and integrity has been proven over the years I have known and worked with them. I highly recommend Teen Renovation as a life changing and personal development program that is grounded and impactful. In order for there to be a change, the experience has to be impactful, and Sharon and Greg provide that safe experience. This is a program that I have personally sent many of my own family through, and will continue to do so. If you are currently in a situation and want to see change, you need to take action, and this program is that step.

As a former collegiate athlete and coach for the past 15 years, I would highly recommend athletes, or even entire sports teams, to participate in Renovation’s life-changing experiential week. Being challenged to take a look at oneself in a positive environment surrounded with a supportive, professional staff is just the beginning. I believe that Renovation provides the missing piece to an athlete or team’s success…a firm emotional, mental, and spiritual understanding of oneself…which creates a well-roundedness that is often neglected as only the physical is emphasized.

Sports psychologists agree that participating in athletics creates opportunities to grow, problem-solve, and perform under pressure, yet many athletes and teams mentally fall apart when the “going gets tough.” Underdeveloped athletes and teams reflect self-absorption, fear, insecurity, and even arrogance because they are lacking an awareness of themselves, and the impact upon those around them. Renovation takes a developmental look at the root of all these responses, and then provides awareness and tools to use in practical, everyday life. As a coach I can’t think of a better retreat for a team, or a camp for an athlete, that will create a more confident and successful individual for life, let alone a sports team, like Renovation.

This letter is being written to recommend an amazing life changing experiential week called, “Renovation.” I have been a Pastor for forty five years and I have the privilege of being Sharon Prosch’s dad. I have watched with awe and respect as my oldest daughter has had a lifelong passion to gather together young people and help them reach their potential, find emotional and spiritual healing, and discover their God given value.
Renovation provides a safe and amazingly powerful experience for each and every one who attends. I have had the privilege of speaking to a few of the young people who have told me of their deep insecurities, fears and anxiety before attending Renovation, and then emerging from the five day experience with hope and tools to take on life with a fresh confidence in their unique personal beauty, worth and a healthy self-awareness leading to success.
And yet writing as Sharon Prosch’s father, what most excites me about Renovation is that I know it fully reflects my daughters lifelong passion to help young people and young adults, soar to new levels of freedom in every area of life. Her compassion, her care and love for those she and her team leads, is simply an answer to this Dad’s prayers. Sharon is a woman of such impeccable integrity and grace, that I would not only fully like to endorse this ministry, but add, there is no one involved in helping young people achieve God’s highest that I more trust than Sharon Prosch.
I unhesitatingly recommend and endorse Renovation!
I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Renovation both as a parent and as a Coach’s Assistant. As a parent I’ve told my kids from an early age that if they are done with counseling by the age of 30 then I’ve done my job well. So when I learned of Renovation, I knew I wanted both of my kids to experience it – might was well start early. My daughter was the first to go through. Her dad and I knew she needed to make the decision to go through and so we ended up waiting a year before she was ready, but boy was she ready. When we picked her up after the training, we both received long hugs – which is uncommon for her. Physical touch is not her love language but she sure demonstrated it that day. She talked non-stop on the hour drive home, again uncommon for her. She has typically been a loner, preferring to spend time secluded from people. That day she was transparent in what she learned about herself and ways in which to communicate with those around her and since then, seeks us out to spend time with us even snuggling on the coach (did I mention physical touch is not her love language?). Because she has grown up in a grown-up world and she experienced bullying at an early age she is not comfortable making friends with kids her own age let alone keeping them. Renovation changed this. It gave her some tools to help work through the anxiety of making friendships knowing who she is, is enough. She has made and kept friends this year in school, hanging out with them after school and having them to our house. I do not believe any of this would have happened without her experience at Renovation. I am looking forward to hearing what my son will have to say after he goes through. As a Coach’s Assistant, I love seeing the revelations and the changes that occur in the lives of the kids. Each comes in with their own set of experiences and hurts and all leave with a common knowledge they are not alone – everyone they meet is in the same boat – we all have junk and we all have value! Give your child the gift of working through it and if cost is a concern, consider how much individual counseling costs, comparatively this is a bargain!