Formation Renovation – October 2019

Formation Renovation is a 6-day training scheduled over two consecutive weekends for the purpose of Christian spiritual transformation. The 2019 training will be held over the course of October 11th-13th and October 18th-20th.

Do you long for a deeper connection with God? Have you perhaps wondered why the fruits of the Spirit are not more prevalent in your life? Do you have this nagging sense that the Christian life should be so much more than what you regularly experience? What if there was a training program that addressed all of these issues and so much more? What if you could radically change the trajectory of your life and experience God’s transformative love like never before? Would you go? We hope so, because that is why we created Formation Renovation!

Hourly Schedule

Oct 18th - Starts at 6 PM

Oct 19th - All Day

Oct 20th - All Day

Oct 25th - Starts at 6 PM

Oct 26th - All Day

Oct 27th - All Day


Oct 18 2019 - Oct 27 2019


6:00 pm - 6:00 pm



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Renovation (re·no·va·tion)
(Latin: renovare)
1) To make new again.
2) To renew; refresh; revive.

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